Cog generator installable on the axle-arm

   In case of modern microprocessor-based anti-skidding equipment the insufficient adhesive force between the wheel and the track controls the skidding of the wheel-set. Due to its definition the device measures the speed of all of the railway vehicle wheels through the revolutions transmitter.
A computer analyzes the measured data and controls the brake cylinder pressure accordingly for each wheel.

Szakálfém LLC. manufactures the two types of tooth generators installable on the axle-arms required for the device impulse transmitter. In one configuration the signal transmitting gear is journaled in the bearing cap, driven with a cog. In the other version the gear is installed on the axle-arm. The following figure shows the geared signal transmitter installed on the axle-arm.

Mostly in cases of electric-driven railway vehicles so-called back current is created in the bogie bearings. These back currents, if taken off through the bearings, can cause their early breakdowns.

The axle-arm grounding device manufactured by Szakálfém LLC. makes it possible to directly transfer the back current to the axle, bypassing the bearing.
The axle-arm grounding device can transfer back current to the bogie axle in the 200A – 400A current range.
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