Brake pad mounting – machining device

This device ensures the professional and accurate machining of brake pads used on railway vehicles.

Air drier

An important part of preparing the air is removing water vapor from the compressed air.

The presence of water is harmful for several reasons:

  • causes corrosion on the inside surface of the fittings,
  • can freeze and disable vital equipment,
  • decreases the useful volume of air tanks, thus decreases the amount of energy that can be stored in them.

There are several options to remove water vapor. Szakálfém LLC. manufactures different size dual-chamber air driers using adsorption principle, based on the documents and in cooperation with Experiment LLC. (Jászberény).

These fix or vehicle-installed air driers can decrease the air’s dew point to at least minus 35 degrees Celsius.

Automatic part washing device

The Szakálfém LLC. manufactured automatic part washing device uses high-pressure hot water basic washing to clear away pollution from the parts.

The washing device features:

  • a built-in heating element warms and keeps the water heated,
  • reagent-proof pumps rotate the proper-pressure cleaning liquid,
  • a timer is used to control washing time,
  • the parts are placed into a rotating washing basket and the entering cleaning liquid performs the rotation,
  • the water tank size provides operation for several weeks.

Carbonized steel tanks

We accept the manufacture of varying volume carbonized steel tanks based on unique plans.


Different cut parts

    Using its traditional and CNC-controlled machining equipment Szakálfém LLC. accepts the manufacture of unique cut parts even in case of small orders.

Manufacturing unique products, equipment to order

   Our professionals can create any unique product, device, equipment, tool based on even a sketch. From requirement appraisal, through design, to the manufacture of the final product we continuously focus on the unique requirements of our customers.

Mobile welding table

Based on specific requests we accept the manufacture of mobile welding tables. Depending on the request we accept the design, manufacture of varying height and load tables.

Standard parameters:
  • elevation height:    300-800mm
  • load:    500kg

Pneumatic press

 Low-power, pneumatic table-top press. Used to clamp fiberglass cables.

Rust-proof tanks

We accept the manufacture of varying volume stainless-steel tanks based on unique plans.
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